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Thanks for being one of the only true companies that stand behind their products no questions asked Myself as a consumer and avid believer of your product you did not let me down when I sent my failing product back for repair or replacement I have several very expensive lighters that haven’t worked for quite some time that their company is no help whatsoever I will ONLY buy XIKAR for all my cigar needs

Luke C.
Littleton, Colorado

Thank you for resolving the issue I had with my Xikar lighter. It is a pleasure to deal with a company which stands behind its products. My replacement lighter is great. I appreciate your help.

Kenneth R.
Bocca Raton, FL

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know how COMPLETELY satisfied I am with my new lighters. In fact I gifted one of them to a best friend of mine. I truly believe that the quality of the product AND the quality of the customer service is what makes consumers loyal. Needless to say I am a loyal Xikar brand consumerThank you for your follow up and attention to detail

Kirk B.
Atlanta, GA

I have to tell you I am impressed And I do not impress easily.First I love your lighters. I have owned P—-lighters in the past and sorry to say that ever 3-6 months they would need to be serviced. I would send them in along with 10 and 2-3 weeks later I would get my lighter back.Your warranty on the other hand offered free repair or replacement. But the really impressive part is that I sent my lighter to you on Monday and got it back on Friday I was shocked Initially I thought you were returning it because it was out of warranty or something. But no it works perfectly.I liked your lighters before this experience. I smoke cigars so a really reliable double torch lighter is important since most cigar smoking takes place outdoors. XIKAR is clearly the best lighter I have ever had. Only once before have I had such a great experience with a company. Thank you.

William W.
West End, WI

I just received my replacement lighter today as the one i returned for repairreplacement would not stay litAfter 38 years of service in product and customer support for a AgConstruction industry leader I recognize good customer relations. THANK YOU for the prompt response with a replacement lighter it is refreshing to have a positive experience with a company in this day and age. A simple form and a little postage resolved my issue in a short turn around time.I appreciate your company living up to what Xikar guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. I am hopeful this new lighter will function properly for a lifetime as the past one only made it about 9 months.Again thank you for standing with your product and pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Steven S.
Coal Valley, IL

I have been a Xikar lighter owner for close to 10 years. Two of them went bad and Xikar immediately replaced them with newer versions no questions asked. I will be a lifetime Xikar user and follower. Thanks

Roby S.
Sharpsburg, GA

First let me just tell you why I purchased my first XIKAR. I was getting into cigars and wanted to step my game up a bit with some nicer accessories. I went to a cigar shop and the guy working the counter suggested a XIKAR cutter. He told me they had the best warranty in the business. No matter what happened theyd replace it. A legitimate lifetime warranty. Not a lifetime warranty with a bunch of legal speak attached to it. As a consumer you hear lifetime warranty and you immediately want to call bullshit. But XIKAR? No bullshit. I really dug that about them. A brand that actually cares about satisfying their customers for life. I bought a XIKAR cutter and lighter on the spot. To this day theyve never wavered from that promise. Ive taken two cutters back because of a chip in the blade and boom the guy behind the counter at the cigar shop replaced them no questions ask. I had a lighter that was leaking a little butane and exchanged it for a new one as well. Ive never had a customer experience as honest and seamless as that. XIKAR promises to take care of their customers for life. So I promise to be a XIKAR brand ambassador for life. I will never buy another brand. I cannot say that about any other product. Theres something so satisfying about smoking a cigar. Its impossible to be in a bad mood while smoking. Ive had so many enjoyable experiences with cigars. Made so many happy memories. And I can always rely on XIKAR to be a part of that experience. To me its not just a lifetime warranty that XIKAR offers. Its a lifetime of happiness.

Kansas City, MO

I was at the airport when I YouTubed good cigar cutters and a guy recommend XIKAR brand for their excellent warranty and use of good grade steel. While on vacation the local cigar company Corona had an annual Halloween special with a XIKAR rep on site. I went and what a wonderful experience it was. I met rep Nelson Boronat who educated me thoroughly on the brand and shared some great cigar knowledge. I purchased the Ultra Mag Combo and love it Thanks XIKAR. I have already recommended you to all my friends and family. I look forward to being a life customer of your products.

Randall S.
Southfield, MI

Thank you so much for your absolutely AWESOME service. Today I received your parcel with the replacement lighter even the upgraded new model and my other lighter repairedalso looking as new in the original boxing. I am absolutely speechless this is the best service I ever experienced and I will convince all my friends to never buy anything else then XIKAR when they need a lighter cutter or something else

Christoph M.
Vienna, Austria

You guys continue to amaze. Your customer service and the incredible way you treat your customers are unique.I read in your newsletter that you offer free sharpening for the life of your cigar cutters. Years ago I purchased several high quality cuttersbut over the years they became dull and were in need of sharpening. I didnt know who the manufacturer was so I decided to look at the engraved logosure enough they were both manufactured by XIKAR. Before I sent them back for sharpening I confirmed the service was available per my note below. Your response confirmed that service and stated that some models were not easily resharpenedand if that were the case XIKAR would replace them.Today I received two brand new cuttersand the models I had were not inexpensiveunbelievable way to treat customersThanks again does not do your company justice.

Steve A.
Davie, FL

I spoke with Alex in XIKAR customer service concerning my warranty registration and receipt of my three lighter sheaths for some newly purchased lighters a few days ago. Just wanted to confirm that XIKAR had my correct info home address e-mail address etc on file. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant conversations that I have ever had with any corporate representative in recent memory. Not only do you get a lifetime guarantee on any XIKAR product but you also get to speak to people who listen to you are extremely concerned about your opinions of their products and most of all CARE and not just give you a lot of lip service. I already own many XIKAR products have always been extremely satisfied with all of them and now intend to branch out into their world of additional accessories as well. Thank you Alex and XIKAR

Alan R.
Hartsdale, NY

For Years I was a dedicated C—— fan. Dont know why because I had to send my lighters in about once a year to get something done to it so that it work. But they always fixed it and sent it back. I was happy with that and thought that was standard with good quality lighters. Then they go bankrupt and the free repair stops. What use was it spending that much money on a lighter that was gonna quit working in a year It was time to find a new lighter supplier. So I got on CigarBid and bought a few different lighters. XIKAR stood out as the best in ergonomics looks and most importantly performance. The real answer came when a problem occurred. XIKAR was the only one that stood behind their product. THE ONLY ONE Since that time I have purchased 7 or 8 XIKAR lighters most from Cigars International. And then the latest happens a lighter that was only 90 days old I was foolish enough to have in my pocket while at sea fishing. I get pushed into the water and the salt water ruined the lighter almost instantly. I sent it in to see if it could be repaired totally expecting to hear a resounding Im Sorry Maybe at best get a discount on a new one or something But what does Xikar do They Replace It So if You want a Good Comfortable Handsome Dependable Lighter with a Stand Up Service and Warranty at a Very Affordable Price buy XIKAR

Tyke M.
Bryan, TX

I just wanted to give my own testimonial to the quality and durability of your products. My first product from Xikar was a Stratosphere lighter that I bought in late summer. Through the fall I took part in many herfs with the lighter but around New Years Eve I lost track of it. I thought it was due to theft. Fast forward to spring and my girlfriend found it outside in the driveway. It mustve fallen out of my pocket at one point and was lost in the 5 inches of snow we in Pennsylvania manage to get. It was underneath her car somehow so this lighter survived negative degree weather for months as well as we can only assume occasionally being run over from her pulling in and out of the driveway. When we found it I was delighted but also sad because I was sure it would never light up again. However I was very wrong. It sparked right up on the first try and Ive continued to use it ever since.

Zach R.
Butler, Pennsylvania

I left my lighter in my pants by mistake. 50 minutes in a heavy duty wash another 50 minutes in the dryer and it still works Enough said. XIKAR is only lighter Ill ever buy. I tell all my cigar friends the same. Thanks for a quality product

Jack F.
Newark, NJ

I never expected XIKAR to exchange my defective unit with the upgraded model This was a very pleasant surprise to say the least. It shows a great deal of respect and trust from your company to do that. I was exceptionally satisfied with the line of communication promptness of return and quality of product I received in exchange I am Beyond a shadow of a doubt going to make all of my future accessory cigar purchases the XIKAR brand and will do nothing but praise your company to all my associates and aficionados alike about your upstanding brand and customer support Thank you very much again you made my day coming home to find my replacement lighter.

Doug H.
Orland Park, IL

While I am appreciative of the elegant design and excellent performance it was my no-nonsense experience with the lifetime warranty support that kept me coming back to Xikar products. When I needed to grab additional lighters for my police duty bag golf bag and other places where having one stashed would be convenient I did so with the confidence that great support would be behind me. If youre looking for a lighter that will live somewhere besides a velvet bag in the drawer under your humidor this is the one.

Joe S.
Baltimore, MD

I love XIKAR products. I have purchased a number of them over the years for myself and as gifts. This is the first time I have had a problem and I was curious how responsive the Company would be on the warranty. You far exceeded expectations.

D. Graham
Wilmette, IL

Recently I sent a lighter back for repair. I am delighted with the service I received from XIKAR. At one juncture I became aware that they were sending me a new lighter which of course is a high standard of service and a refreshing experience in todays business ambit. The issue for me is that there existed a compelling nostalgic value to this lighter. I informed my customer service person Ken Dolinger of the situation and told him if possible I would pay to have the old lighter returned but I was aware that I had already received excellent service honoring a guarantee on a lighter some 4 years old. Despite the fact I was truly getting excellent service Ken went the extra mile and exceeded my expectations found my cherished item and has sent it back to me. The moments of repose are few today an excellent cigar at Edwards Pipe and Tobacco buying a fine product the XIKAR lighter with not just a token guarantee but a real guarantee is one of these items that cannot go unnoticed and I thank you for your service I shall light a Davidoff in salute to you upon the lighters arrival.

Kevin B.
Webster, FL

Thank you for my lighter replacement it was waiting for me when I returned from my trip. Not only the quality of your products is excellent but your service is commendable. I would never buy a cutter or a lighter that is not XIKAR. You are simply the best Keep your good work

Robert T.
Musgrave, South Africa

I’ve always been a fan of XIKAR products for the longest time. Had a dual torch lighter for several years that finally bit the dust. Im a very skeptical person and usually doubt warranties provided by companies but I decided to mail my lighter in to see if I would get taken care of. As a disclaimer the website says warranty returns are usually processed in 4-6 weeks but I had a brand new shiny lighter in my hand in 6 days. No questions asked. Needless to say I will continue to purchase your product and will always be a customer for life. Thank you XIKAR

Tony Miller
Houston, TX

Recently I’ve had the good fortune of dealing with Ken Dolinger a consumer advocate at Xikar. What a pleasure it was to find that the Xikar product lifetime warranty is exactly that. Not only are the products great but theyll fix them or replace whatever parts become necessary. I’m sure their warranty doesn’t get much use as the quality of the products allows for a lifetime of use. I find I’ve lost more cutters than had any failures in the product. Being in the golf bag all the time beats up a cutter and so the warranty comes in very handy. Ken is a great guy to deal with and made everything as easy as could be. Buy XIKAR

Bill C.
Fairfield, Ct

I want to take a moment to write you and let you know how great your customer service is. I sent my lighter in for repair and I received a replacement within only a couple days. Thank you guys so much for the wonderful products and customer service.

Michael W.

I just completed my call with customer service with your company. My interaction with a man named Ken definitely warrants my testimonial.It is flat-out terrific that I was treated with such respect patience and kindness as I just was in speaking with Ken. He was truly wonderful; the best thing I can tell you about him is that he had a smile in his voice from the beginning of the phone call all the way to the end.Way to go both Ken and Xikar

Lynn H.
Lake Mary, FL

The cutter came back good as new. It was cleaned up the spring replaced and the cutting surface was honed to a level that is better than when I bought it. Your service AFTER the initial purchase is the reason why I only buy XIKAR products.

Daniel W.
Southern Pines, NC

XIKAR truly stands behind their products. I wished other companies that promise a lifttime warranty would follow your business model. Whenever anybody asks me what lighter I use and why I always tell them XIKAR because of the quality of your products and you stand behind them. XIKAR goes above and beyond being a quality operation. Thank you

Jerry W.
Taylors, SC

Your warranty is superior to any other warranty Ive ever heard of. I would never consider ever buying any other brand of lighter. I am a professor of business at a university. In my lectures I use your warranty as an example of a company with a tremendous customer service orientation. I hope you dont mind-students might not be heavy users of your product but some are getting jobs with excellent salaries and It wont be long before they will be buying and consuming quality products like yours. Im happy to plant the Xikar seed in their minds.Thank you Xikar is the BEST

Robbin R.
Clovis, CA

I have just recently purchased my 13th Xikar lighter. I have four of my own and Ive given nine others as gifts to friends. Every recipient loves the lighter and when it is necessary to send one back to Kansas City for repair a new lighter is returned within the week. Outstanding customer service.

Dale W.
Dallas TX

Id like to say thank you very much for the great service that you provide.I sent you my lighter that I like very much for repair and you response was fast and very satisfactory.Its very nice to still have great companies around like yours that you can trust. Im sure to recommend your products to all my friends and family so we all can enjoy it for many years to come

Lahaina, Maui. Hawaii

I love the new G2 and several guys at the cigar store are already jealous. I simply tell them that Xikar is by far the best lighter on the market and when I tell them of the way you take care of your customers they are now committed to buying a Xikar when their current lighter fails.I am always happy to tell people about your warranty and great service. And when they hear it from a customer – not a sales rep – it tends to make a very positive impression. I have spent the past 30 years as a writer/reporter in the fields of news and product introduction/reviews. I know a good product when I see one. I have purchased countless inferior lighters over the past 35 years and without fail – they all ended up as useless paperweights. There is nothing more embarrassing than allowing a friend or complete stranger to borrow your lighter and have them hand it back to you and ask for a match to light their favorite stogie because your lighter failed to work. I dont have to worry about that with my lighter because it is a Xikar.Xikar has the best products and support I have ever seen. I will continue to encourage all Lovers Of The Leaf to buy one more lighter. The last lighter that they will ever need. A Xikar.

Michael M.
Kennebunkport, ME

On 121113 we lost all we had in a devastating house fire. Included were my 3 humidors cigars and all XIKAR Products. Nothing survived the fire. Part of rebuilding our lives I am now one humidor strong and have started my XIKAR collection including but not limited to my new cutters lighters and 3 cigar and single cigar travel cases. Yes there is no question I am a Xikar SNOB. Just want to say THANKS XIKAR for helping me rebuild I will continue to pass along the word that every cigar is best served with a XIKAR product.Above was my previous testimonial regarding Xikar products. I am happy to say that one and a half years after loosing all we had in a house fire we have moved into our new home. I am now 3 humidors strong and the proud owner of a number of Xikar cutters single duel and triple torch Xikar lighters and multiple Xikar accessories. My home is now a Xikar museum Again thanks Xikar for being apart of rebuilding what is pleasurable in my life. I remain a Xikar snob and continue to say that EVERY CIGAR IS BEST SERVED WITH A XIKAR PRODUCT

William T.
Norristown, PA

I buy XIKAR product because its great product you get what you pay for and the excellent warranty. But hell everyone knows that about Xikar by now I hope. I was recently at my annual craw fish boil and afterwards all the guys busted out their cigars cut the ends and prepare to fire em up. But today it was warm and sunny and we had 20 to 30 mph wind gusts. As everyone hid behind corners of the house cupped hands walked over to their cars to get away from the breeze I didnt move. I simply pulled out my stratosphere lighter in one hand beer still in the other and made a cherry so big on the end of my stogie others were asking where they could buy one. They are great for the golf course or any outdoor event but the best is lighting cigarettes for the ladies when its windy. You just cant beet the functionality of XIKAR. Especially XIKAR high altitude lighters.

Eric J.

I just wanted to express my astonishment at your level of customer service. I bought one of your lighters last year at a cigar shop in Tampa and had some trouble with it. I sent it back to you expecting the one I sent to be fixed and returned but instead you all just sent me a brand new lighter No questions asked Ive only come across a company or two in my life that has impressed me as much as yours has.

Michael L.
St. Petersburg, FL

I just wanted to say I love your products. I have an enigma lighter and an Xi1 cutter. Ive had these for years and have used them all over the world. They still get attention although both are showing signs of wear. People always ask about them and I tell them buy XIKAR and youll never buy another product again. I still browse your website frequently and would replace my trusty gear but it is just too well made. Thank you for making great products I will continue to spread the word that XIKAR is the best around and made to last a lifetime.

Chris H.

Thanks for the email confirmation. Yet another reason Xikar stands out….great communication and customer service. Realistically no one can expect a torch lighter to last more than a couple of years and having a company that stands by their products and willing to repair/replace makes me a die hard Xikar fan.

Daniel W.
Southern Pines, NC

I just have to say how amazing XIKARs customer service is and thank you for such quick responses to my emails. I have truly cant express how simple easy and quick this has been.Not to mention the fact that not only did you replace my lighter but it was replaced with a brand new model. You have earned a lifetime customer

Levi M.
Tampa, FL

Ive had probably two dozen windproof lighters over the last 30 years. Im a climber backpacker skier and fly fisherman so I spend lots and lots of time in the wind here in Montana. I probably went through nearly a dozen of the ones O—- used to sell and to a one they all fell apart or simply ceased to light after a season or two. The cheaper ones arent even worth buying since they fail almost immediately. So kudos to you folks at XIKAR because my Stratosphere lighter never ever failed to light when I needed it. I want to thank you again for a great warranty on a great product that I do not hesitate to recommend to my many friends who are likewise very active in the outdoors here in Montana.

George O.
Helena, MT

Warmest thanks for outstanding customer care. When I purchased the lighter the merchant sold me on your companys reputation for standing behind its products. You guys certainly lived up to that reputation in my case.

Peter H.
Washington DC

My kids wife bought me a XIKAR lighter several years ago for Fathers Day. I could tell it was a better product than I would spend on myself and truly enjoyed it. When it had a problem I was skeptical of the Lifetime Warranty but sent it in. Like many cigar smokers I have a cigar box full of lighters that dont work. You responded immediately and fixed it. A couple years later a problem again and I thought ok its been awhile Im probably out of luck. But no you sent me a new lighter quickly without any hassle. You run your business like I do. My word of mouth is passed on forever for your good will. You take care of your clients without a problem. Thank you XIKAR for making it easy.

Bill A.
Redington Shores, Florida

I have owned XIKAR products for every bit of 14 years and after my first lighter was confiscated by a TSA agent I made sure I kept my lighter under my control. I have 3 XIKAR lighters and 2 cutters and never go anywhere without them.I also must say that I have sent them in for minor adjustments and have never had any kind of issues from XIKAR unlike all these other fly by nights that promise but never produce.Thanks for being the most reliable accessory company I know of.

Angelo K.
Brownsville, Texas

While vacationing in Key West this past February I left my Xi2 cutter and my ELX lighter in my shorts pockets. Both items went through an entire wash and dry cycle. When my wife pulled the lighter out of the pocket and show it to me naturally I had to see if it still worked. One click and it fired right up as if nothing happened. Amazing

Harlan C.
Austin, Minnesota

In a time where customer service is often exasperating XIKAR is an example of what others should aspire to. I am a happy XIKAR customer and will be recommending your products to everyone I know. The fact you stand behind your product in the way you do speaks volumes.


I just wanted to thank you for replacing my table top lighter under warranty this week I just received it a couple of days ago. I absolutely loved that lighter and I was not happy that it was not working properly. When a new lighter showed up my eyes lit up like Christmas. It works perfectly and I am very pleased to have another to replace the faulty one at no charge. I appreciate your excellent customer service and lifetime warranty. I am a customer for life. Thank you

Ben K.
McCool Junction, NE

Forgot my Tech Double was in my jeans and threw them in the wash after realizing my mistake set the lighter in the sun for 60 minutes and it worked perfectly Very LOYAL Xikar customer for life.

Robert O.
Ft. Mayers, Fl

I have bought two XIKAR lighters and have been very pleased with their performance. Being a cigar smoker I have used them exclusively. They degraded through use and your company replaced them without question. I have been very pleased with them before and after your great assistance.Thanks for a great product and even greater customer service.

Lee M.
Nashville, TN

I only spotted Allume and selected it to replace a C—— I returned which died after only 2 months. Decided not to replace with another C—— and saw this instead. It comes in a great selection of differing colours but the yellow I liked as it was different and wouldnt get lost in the depths of my handbag either What a difference-the weightiness of it is like a proper lighter should feel. Lovely colour just as pictured and nice and shiny. The viewing window is very handy to have as well. Its the only lighter Ive owned that fills up properly without freezing my hand in the process. One squirt and its full. Easy……no spitting out all over the place. Starts first time every time although I usually need both hands as its quite a hard press. Ive owned mine a month or two now and no problems at all. Very happy with it. The little cover-up that slots over the jet is handy as stuff cant get to the jets and block them either.I registered the guarantee online and was looking for a cover for it but Xikar send you a free one upon registration Although I confess I dont use it as much as I should do as I dont like covering it up.Now to the guarantee-its a LIFETIME one-so theyve got faith in the quality of their product. What do you ever hear of these days with a guarantee for life ??? Nothing Its a throwaway society so this is highly impressive and makes it well worth the money. Their customer service reply very quickly to any questions as well.So although Id never heard of Xikar before Id highly recommend them and with their offering such a sterling guarantee Im shocked theyre not more widely known here in the UK.

Lynda K

I am a full time firefighter in Willard MO. Two years ago I was looking for a sturdy replacement to the 2 plastic cigar cutter I had so I bought a Xikar Xi1 cigar cutter and it worked like a dream every time. I am so pleased that carry it with me every where I go so every house fire car wreck medical call etc.. my cutter is in my pocket so that on a whim I can light up a cigar and enjoy. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and I would buy it again anytime.

Austin B.
Willard, MO

I purchased a Tech Double lighter a little over a year ago and its been fantastic. The past few weeks it was having issues as far as not igniting and lighting. I took it back to where I purchased it and when the store rep. couldnt repair the lighter he opened a drawer and handed me a brand new one right out of the box. Now Im truly sold on Xikar and its lifetime warranty. Its refreshing to see a company actually stand by its product. You now have a customer for life thank you

Philippe R
DeWitt, NY

I have received my Lighter back and it is working just like New again. Thank you very much. No one can beat the Xikar customer service or warranty as far as I am concerned again Thank You. Xikar For Life

Robert P.

Sent in my 2003 guillotine cutter for sharpening last week.They already sent me a new one And how it slices through my Monte Cristos. Actually I think the replacement is sharper than my original item purchased new.

Ron P.
San Diego, CA

Just wanted to say thank you. Ive had this cutter for a long time now but it has been broken for at least a year. Everyone has told me to send it back to the company that they will fix it at no cost I did not believe them. I just wanted to say your company is very great and I appreciate it.

Joe M.
Bronx, NY

I just received my new lighter that replaced my old one. To my surprise not only is it new but its the newer model. I have never experienced better customer service and I will never buy a lighter from another company . I just purchased three Stratospheres and one Allume single jet. I will tell everyone to only buy XIKAR.

Tom E.
Oswego, IL

I received my new lighter today and I couldnt be happier Your companies prompt and fast service as well as standing by your warranties is what makes Xikar a truly world class company. Thanks again and I cant wait to go out and buy some more fabulous Xikar products.

Michael C.
Taylors, SC

I am now an exclusive XIKAR customer for all of my smoking needs. I have recently purchased one of your cutters as well as an Ellipse III lighter and the quality and build quality is unmatched next to any other lighter and cutter that I own. I will also say that I will be purchasing all of my humidification and further lighter or cutter needs from XIKAR. Keep up the great work

Joe D.
Mastic, NY

Its not only because they are in KC home of Okie Joes – the best bbq on the planet or that they make quality accessories – from lighters to cutters to butane and so much more or that they are so fricking awesome with their warranty. No receipt questions no wheres your proof of purchase no hassles Thats why I love XIKAR

David L.
Black Hawk, CO

Its a rare thing to find an honest product that is backed by a promise from a man with integrity. And I believe that Kurt Van Keppel and XIKAR have accomplished this. Several years ago the filament broke on my XIKAR lighter and I tossed it into a junk drawer. Last month on a whim I mailed it to Kansas City. I expected an email response to the effect that the lighter was broken. To my surprise I found a brightly polished and perfectly repaired lighter in my mailbox. Thank you standing on the merit of your product. I think this kind of integrity must come from the top down. If you manufactured cars I would buy one from you.

Lauren S.
Laguna Woods, CA

I work for Club Humidor on San Pedro here in San Antonio and Ive been a fan of your products for several years. I have an ELX lighter and recently just purchased a XI3 Phantom cutter. I always bring my clients to your display in our shop when they even mention they are in need of a cutter or lighter your warranty and customer service are a huge selling point and Im happy to say I convert a large amount of clients to your products. I find that most people are willing to pay for high quality thats why I always suggest your products.

Don R.
San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to say that I love your products. I truly believe they are 5-star and I reccomend them to all my friends. They are always there when I need them. I really just wanted to say thank you for being awesome

Tyler T.
Mononghela PA

I have to say I like the cleaning port idea on the X875 kudos to XIKAR for thinking of that. See thats why I love your stuff Its not only the quality of the products and outstanding service you provide the details are what set you head and shoulders above the rest. I dont wander into your competitors hands never had the need to stray.

Michael T.
Lake Mary, FL

I received my replacement lighter yesterday and immediately used it to light my evening cigar. XIKARs customer service and warranty sets the threshold for all other companies. They could all take a lesson from you. I have been a purchaser of your products for quite a few years and have found all of them lighters cutters cigars and even butane to be first quality. I will definitely continue to purchase XIKAR products from hereon.

Stuart F.
Roanoke, VA

I just wanted to thank XIKAR for making top notch products; To the lighters cutters etc. I just purchased a X8 Carbon cutter and man that is a shredder. Doesnt pinch the cap on the cigar. Cuts it like warm butter Thank You for awesome products.

Andrew C.
Huntington, WV

I sent my lighter for repair just last week. I received a replacement lighter yesterday under your warranty. I just want to say thank you. That was exceptional service and I really appreciate it. It makes your products very easy to recommend to all of my friends and associates which I certainly always have and will continue you do. And Ill share my story of your outstanding service at the same time.

Guy K.
Issaquah, WA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for repairing my husbands lighter. It was nice that you returned the original even though it looks pretty roughed up. It has a sentimental value to him and he was happy to have it working again. We really appreciate your quick service and unconditional guarantee on your product. We will be making more purchases with you in the future and recommend you to our friends.

Barbara S.
Draper UT

Just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the service and quality of XIKAR. I was given my lighter as a gift on my 40th birthday and it has been my constant companion since five years. I recently had to send it in for repair and was surprised and pleased to be sent a new lighter. Xikar truly stands behind their product and I would have no other. In this day and age it is so hard to find a quality product and company XIKAR excels in both areas. XIKAR has earned my respect. Thank You.

Brian S.
Corona, CA

Just a note to thank you for the replacement of my cigar punch.I was only expecting the old one back repaired so was delighted and surprised to see a new one Ill take just as much pleasure putting some wear and tear on the new one as I did the old. Just took hold of some nice torpedoes as well so Ill be treating myself to an XICAR cutter in the near future.Thanks for great service and true customer support. Appreciated in this day and age. Youve definitely earned a loyal customer and an ambassador for XIKAR.

Iain M.
Charlotte, NC

I finally saved up and bought myself a brand new Trezo G2 I also had to trade in my Ellipse but one of my smoke shops swapped it out no questions asked This Ellipse 3 is working just fine The adjustment wheel is dialed in perfect I have a brand new one now and I will still stand behind Xikar products for life What I love about the Trezo is the ignition is on the side and the lid is completely out of the flame. So it doesnt get too hot. I also love the angled jets on the end. This makes it perfect for touching up my stogies My friend has a Trezo that has been dropped over a hundred times thrown out of a car and run over by a truck The darn thing still works like a champ So he found out just how durable this little lighter really is The finish is worn off but still keeps goin

Brian S.
Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for repairing at no cost my XIKAR lighter. It is rare that a company does what its guarantee suggests it will do Your product was sent back fully repaired and works as well as it did the first day I purchased it Thank you

Edward E.
Washington DC

I received my XIKAR EXII lighter that I had sent to XIKAR for repair because it was producing a weak flame. I was astoundedThe lighter now produces an amazingly strong flame that is now truly wind-resistant. I am extremely happy with the repair. The lighter is a new experience now. Much better than I expected when I bought it.Thank You Thank You THANK YOU

Tony M.
Greenbelt, MD

I recently left my XIKAR lighter outside overnight during a rain storm. Your lighter held up with absolutely no problem. Unfortunately I cant say the same and I embarrassed to admit about my C cutter. Ill definitely be purchasing one of your cutters very soon. Thanks for a great product

Mike B.
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you thank you. Never have I been as pleased with a warranty response as provided by the XIKAR corporation. My lighter was replaced and returned almost immediately. It will certainly enhance my cigar-smoking pleasure when on deck aboard my next cruise out of New Orleans. Its nice to know that in your case at least a warranty really is a WARRANTY

Michael R.
Harvey, LA

Received my lighter today and couldnt be happier. It works better then new thank you I purchased your product because I like the look and feel. First time I have had to use the warranty and I am so impressed that I can say you have a loyal customer for life.

Ricardo R.
Orlando FL

I love both of my XIKAR lighters and more than likely will buy a triple flame in the near future. Your products are awesome. I also bought a 15 cigar holder travel humidor which performs extremely well.

Tom B.
Ontario, Canada

Every now and again a company develops a product and next theyve got an overnight rock star in their midst.Welcome to the world of Allume. As soon as I saw it in your newsletter the end of June I knew I had to own it. Im a long-time cigarette and former cigar smoker and I collect lighters.As I said Ive been collecting lighters for the better part of 35 years from mainstream Colibris to S.T. Duponts so Im not easily impressed. Well simply put your little Allume knocked my socks off Your Allume lighter is one of the finest made lighters Ive ever owned in the past 35 years.The Allumes design is uniquely contemporary yet cutting-edge art nouveau. Its sleek compact yet extremely functional. I must add one caveat; its compactness was much more then expected based on photos and description. That being said with a little use its diminutive size is actually a benefit in ease of use and overall utilitarianism.The lighters choice of colors is very exciting I personally chose the yellow which is muted so its not too bold and the contrast with the chrome makes it uniquely appealing and attractive.Congratulations on a fine achievement and the best of success.

Pete B.
Hudson, FL

I use my cigar lighters a lot. Many hundreds of cigars a year for myself and for my guests at events around the country. I have some pretty snazzy lighters but I have to say that my go-to lighter has been my Xikar XTX Double Flame. Big Tank quick light and durable. However after a couple of years the outside of the lighter looked like it was drug behind a moving car from riding in a pocket full of keys. Something happened to one of the jets and I had to send it in for repairs. I never expected them to replace a lighter that used without question but they did. Thanks to everyone at Xikar for making a fantastic product and standing behind it 100

Ross W.

What a great company. I returned my XIKAR Enigma lighter which my son-in-law somehow broke. I told your representative Ken that it was not defective but broken. He could not have been nicer. I mailed it in and received a replacement one today. Thank you thank you. Service such as yours is indeed rare in this day and age. I am a customer for life.

Gene K.
Oklahoma City, OK

I am writing this to express my belief in XIKARs fine products. I am employed in a cigar store in Old Bridge N.J. we sell your products. I also use your cutters and lighters I have 2 of each. When working I direct all my customers to your products telling them they are the best on the market. Thank you for not making a liar out of me.

Bill C.
Old Bridge, NJ

Im a disabled vet I came to use your products in the 90s and have brought nothing else. I got your Xi cutter almost the day they hit the shelves and have loved it ever since. I have turned every cigar smoker I know your way with 100 satisfaction. The injuries I suffered in the army in 1982 left me with time on my hands and thats when I got serious about cigars and have been hooked ever since. I just want to say keep up the good work. I look forward to the news letter every month Thank you

John Y.
Berrien Springs, MI

Once again XIKAR has exceeded expectations. Just one of the reasons I have 3 XIKAR lighters and a Titanium cutter. Your customer service and high quality standards are the best advertisement to be found.

Sal C.
Oviedo, FL

I never realized how much this lighter spoiled me until I was without it. I wasnt expecting much as the issues were obviously my fault. The replacement is very much appreciated and customer service is testament to these lighters being worth every penny.

Everett C.
Greenwood, IN

I received the return of my hygrometer and Im blown away that you replaced the entire unit I did not expect that. Thank you so much and its customer service like this that makes XIKAR the best cigar accessory company in the world.

Roger T.
Pittsburgh, PA

Ive been a loyal fan of XIKAR products for a long time now Simply the highest quality and service. I highly recommend your products to all my smoking buddies both new and old. Thanks for the most excellent service. Best regards and continued success

David K
Stafford Springs, CT

XIKAR is a renowned brand within the cigar smoking community but what sets it apart from everyone else is there customer service. Amazing employees like Ken really make you feel secure safe and well taken care of. After owning different XIKAR products ranging from cutters travel humidors lighters to hygrometers I know that if any and I mean anything goes wrong XIKAR will do right by me. After having multiple issues with a few products even if it was due my own error Ken gladly took care of me and reminded me why I go to XIKAR again and again. There unbeatable warranty great products and second to none customer service is a no brainier for anyone needing cigar accessories.

Mack C.
Queens, NY

I received the new lighter today. XIKAR replaced my recently purchased lighter and I appreciate your fast response and your warranty guarantee. When ever I get asked I will tell them your XIKAR lighter is the only brand to buy.

Robert V.
Valley Springs, CA

Just wanted to say thanks and job well done I sent back two of my lighters for repair and received one new lighter and one repaired just like new within a week. Customer service delivered timely communication and results. Its refreshing to see a Lifetime Warranty really mean something. I bought my first XIKAR of many more than I will let my wife know about several years ago after an afternoon cigar session resulted in a table vote on the question of who in the world makes a decent lighter. XIKAR was and remains the undisputed category leader. Thx

Chris P.
Marietta, GA

Thank you XikarFor upholding a true commitment to customer service. I received my Resource Lighter via the mail today having returned it on 5-29 for warranty repair. I dont know if its my lighter repaired or a new replacement. It looks so good it must be a replacement Thank you for the prompt service and demonstrating the actions that support your warranty and customer service policies. I wish more companies held these standards in such high regard.

Gary C.
Atlanta, GA

Just received the repaired or new lighter and cutter that I sent in a week ago or so.I want to thank XIKAR for living up to the promise of taking care of the customer with the warranty. I was not sure I was going to even receive my old stuff backI am a very satisfied customer and will be doing more shopping with XIKAR because of the great service.

Paul T.
Santa Barbara, CA

Its service like XIKAR that keeps me buying their accessories. Their quality performance value and customer service is unmatched in the cigar industry. Thank you so much

Roger T.
Pittsburgh, Pa

On 12/11/13 we lost all we had in a devastating house fire. Included were my 3 humidors cigars and all XIKAR Products. Nothing survived the fire. Part of rebuilding our lives I am now one humidor strong and have started my XIKAR collection including but not limited to my new cutters lighters and 3 cigar and single cigar travel cases. Yes there is no question I am a Xikar SNOB. Just want to say THANKS XIKAR for helping me rebuild I will continue to pass along the word that every cigar is best served with a XIKAR product.

Dr. T
Norristown, PA

The X8 cutter is the sharpest best handheld cigar cutter I have ever used.Cuts on a par with my expensive German Donatus cigar scissors.I own many cutters in various price ranges plus a lot of other cigar paraphernalia:- and have to say the X8 is superb and an amazing value.Thank you for the large ring gauge accommodation as well.When I get a great product or service sadly getting to be more and more rare these days.

Jack W.
Houston, TX

I recently had to send my cutter and lighter in for service. Both were replaced with brand new products and theyre both working perfectly. I received these items very quickly. I just wanted to thank your service department for a job well done which is very rare these days. You guys are the best…and so are your products.

Gerald W.
Lawerenceville, GA

XIKAR You definitely Wowed me with theservice on my warranty. Im not surebut think the turn-around-time startingfrom here was about a week. And theresults appear favorable. I love my lighter and hope it keepsworking up to your standards.

Michael K.
Severna Park MD

In the local cigar forums people recommended XIKAR for quality and warranty. But it seems also your service is amazing I always get quick answers and I feel you follow up every issue very closely.Thats really amazing work thanks again.

Eren C.
Istanbul, Turkey

I had a problem with my lighter tank not lasting very long after filling and the ignition did not light every time. I sent it for repair & received a new lighter within about 10 days.In a world where customer service is non existent it is refreshing to find a company with such integrity.Thank you for your tremendous values.

Ron B.
Dalton, GA

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your exemplary business and customer satisfaction. I recently sent in a XIKAR Element due to a faulty adjustment wheel. I was expecting the warranty process to take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. Instead it was only a week or two. Ive ALWAYS been 100 satisfied with all my XIKAR products. My XIKAR EX still works as if it was new and wow it has seen some work. I will continue to support your business and look forward to future purchases Liga Tabeltop :- . Once again thanks for your time and considerations. Keep up the wonderful work.

Mike M.
Boyne City, MI

I wanted to commend XIKAR for the incredible customer service that I experienced in the past week. Yes I said week.Within 1 week of sending my Plunge lighter in for repair I received a brand new one in the mail. My Plunge was 7 years old…Lifetime warranty really means lifetime warranty with XIKAR without the 6 to 8 week wait you experience with most other companies.Thank you for truly standing behind your products and taking care of your customers. Im telling all my cigar buddies and becoming a spokesman for XIKAR.

John R.
Menomonee Falls, WI

I just wanted to thank you for quickly replacing my cigar lighter with an updated improved version. It was also replaced in less than two weeks. My wife laughed that you apologized for replacing with a newer model since my lighter could not be fixed. You obviously have a quality product though I will keep returning based primarily on your customer service and recommend you highly to all of my cigar smoking friends. Thanks again on being an A company.

Scott H.
Los Osos, CA

Every time I use my Executive to light a cigar I always get asked what brand of lighter is that . I tell them and spell it for them so they can go to your Web site. Thanks for making great products that works and for standing behind them

Kevin D.
Clinton, IN

I sent my old lighter XI Cutter back on March 7 2014 I received my package back on March 17 2014. A 10 day turn around XIKAR backs every WORD they state in there warrantyand then some. This is not BS. Facts are Facts just being honest. In todaysmarket its RARE that companies back their warranty like XIKAR. Im just a very HAPPY customer

Michael S.
Corpus Christi, TX

Earlier this year I purchased a new Ellipse II lighter from Ebay. From the onset it was erratic and did not function consistently.I gave up on the product and thought I would test your warranty without much hope of any resolution. Coming from Australia I did not expect that I would hold much value as a customer as our market would represent such a small amount of sales for you. I assumeWell I was wrong. Your company did not challenge or contest my application for an exchange. I was completely honest in my descriptions but in terms of evidence you only had my word. You backed your warranty and sent me a new Ellipse III newer model without question.I am so thrilled with your company. My new lighter works beautifully and my feeling of being so well treated has genuinely enhanced my experience. As a measure of my thanks I immediately bought your great looking Xi1 Red cutters and they work brilliantly.

Nik S.
Sydney, Australia

Lost my XIKAR 6 months ago.Found it today in the mulch bed.Lighter lit on first try.I have my favorite pipe lighter back YEA XIKAR

Nicky G.
Lebanon TN

XIKAR customer service has always been 2nd to none That is the main reason I will continue to buy and recommend Xikar products. The 2nd reason is you guys make very cool well made and useful products.

Erik E.
Thousand Oaks, CA

As someone very new to cigars. Until my first cigar I was a non smoker. Followed the instructions provided by the cigar supplier. Did not take me long to work out that their had to be a better way than this green foam stuff. Got onto the net and wham bam ……….this funny name XIKAR hit me between the eyes.Anyone that tells you to use anything other than Xikar is someone out of touch giving you bad advice or just straight out does not know about XIKAR.XIKAR. Simple easy and foolproof.It just works full stop end of story.Thank you XIKAR.P.S. I do not give praise unless it is warranted. You deserve it by the truck load.

Russell Iles
Kapunda, Australia

XIKAR thanks to you and you team for outstanding customer service. It is such a pleasure to do business with a company like XIKAR I am so pleased to own the product.

Todd J.
Waverly, NY

As always XIKAR provides exceptional customer service. That combined with the top notch products is why I am a dedicated customer.

Jeffery S.
Fortson, GA

I now have two XIKAR cutters XIKAR humidification beads and glycol solution. I have always been impressed with the quality of your products. With this level of customer service I can assure you that I will go out of my way to find XIKAR products that meet my needs from now on.

Leslie H.
Houston, TX

Wow What a great company. I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with your customer service. I had an old cigar circle cutter I purchased from you so long ago I dont know the year. I carried it every day on my key chain. It finally gave up the ghost. I knew about your outstanding warranty so I thought Id send it back for repair. It was well worn and dented but its been in my pocket a long time and punched a lot of nice smokes.I was amazed. I got a response in less than two weeks. Not just a response but a brand new cigar punch. My old cutter was beyond repair and no longer manufactured but your company replaced it with a new one WOWIm a Xikar customer for life. With service like this one purchase and I know I have a product that will be good for a life time I trust that my other Xikar products will last as long and be supported so wellWell done What a great companyA VERY satisfied Xikar smoker. Thank you

Chad C.
S. Charleston, WV

I wanted to take the time to send this note to the folks at Xikar and express my happiness and satisfaction with your company your products your people and your WARRANTY.I mailed in my Xikar lighter after owning it for over 2 years due to the clicker not working when pressing down on the switch to light the lighter. Apologies for my lack of sophistication and proper terminology with regards to the working parts of the lighter.Much to my surprise within a couple weeks I received a brand new lighter back in the mailWow all I can say is Im a customer for life. Your company rocks. Thank you.Ive always raved about my Xikar cigar cutter but now this lighter experience will lead to many more referrals to your company and products.

Tim L.
St. Pete, FL

Happy Holidays Kurt Ive enjoyed using the Xikar products Ive purchased; quality reliable enjoyable. Im not a heavy or regular cigar smoker one or two a week is all I can manage within my schedule but those pauses to enjoy a good cigar are wonderful moments. I not only like your products but also the community involvement cigar fan involvement and special attention you give to our troops. As a veteran those special efforts mean a lot. I also enjoy the newsletters and articles about how to and enjoyment options; worthy informative and genuine. So Thank You Kurt and I hope you enjoy a Safe Healthy and Happy Holiday Season with your family and friends

Paul V.

I cant say enough about your company. It is superior in every way possible. Customer service quality of product and CUSTOMER SERVICE As far as my cigar accessories go there is only one company XIKAR. As I tell my friends you would be a fool to buy any other brand.

Leo P.
New York, NY

I sent you a very well used abused older ELX and in short order I received a new upgraded model. It is rare today to receive such prompt attention and service from anyone. Your product is superior and I have recommended it to several of my friends. Again thank-you.

Art C.
Weeki Wachee, FL

Just wanted to say thank you replacing my fire damaged cutter. As it was my clumsiness that caused the damage your company went beyond expectations in replacing the damaged cutter.Your local dealer was the one who suggested I contact you with my problem and expounded on the high customer service your company provides. They were correct.Again thank you very much. You have a customer for life.

Tom G.
Lubbock, TX

I own 3 lighters and 2 cutters and I love them all. Recently I sent you an Element lighter which needed to be repaired. Within 2 weeks you sent me a new ELX lighter at no charge because the one I sent to you could not be repaired and discontinued. This is unheard of in todays business world. You have earned my trust and business in any and all future purchases of your product line. As the saying goes I will bleed XIKAR for you and your products are the only ones that I will recommend to anyone. Thank you and all the luck in the world to the future of XIKAR.

Gene D.
Rockport, TX

Just wanted to compliment you on your excellent service which you can add to my raves about your product. A few weeks ago I sent in a cigar cutter for sharpening. Id heard great things about your service in particular how you honor the lifetime warranty.But Ill admit I was uncertain as to what to expect – especially in a case like mine. When I filled out the return authorization form I couldnt answer all of the questions. Id received the the cutter as a gift so I didnt know where it was purchased. And I could only guess as to how long Id had it. I said about five years but it could have been a year or two longer. I noted that the blades were dull no wonder given how many cigars Ive cut and asked that they be sharpened. I sent it off thinking there was a chance Id be given the usual corporate runaround. Or worse never see my prized cutter again.Well before I knew it a brand new cigar cutter arrived in my mailbox. If anything its better than the original was when it was new.So heres a big thanks to the good folks at one of the precious few companies that still honors its promises – and then some.

Gary C.
Cary, NC

Wow your customer service absolutely ROCKS From instructional videos to emails replied to within hours not to mention your quality products. I have no doubt that I have purchased the best lighters possible. Again thank you

John L.
Littleton, CO

Its hard to find a company that will respond so quickly to take care of there customers. Everyone at XIKAR should be very proud. Thank you again

Robert B.

I wanted to thank the XIKAR team for outstanding customer service. I recently sent in my XIKAR lighter that was in need of repair. I was sent back a new updated model which works perfectly. You cant beat that kind of service Im sticking with XIKAR

Rich P.
St. Louis, MO

I have a XIKAR Executive lighter and had some issues with it. I carry it every day as it is my primary lighter for smoking as well as my cigar lighter. I love how well its constructed and how attractive it is. I love turning heads and people saying wow let me see that I sent it in for repair and received it back within a week of shipping it and its brand new again. I absolutely love the quick turnaround and the no-questions-asked repair policy. Thank you so much for living up to your guarantee and keeping my favorite lighter up and running. I will never buy another brand and the way you all stand behind your product it looks like Ill never have to buy another lighter period Thanks again

Jonathan C.
Jacksonville, FL

Truly I will not buy any type of cigar items from anyone else. This company stands by their promise to warranty for life. You have never let us down when it comes to making the customer happy. At least from my perspective and that of my family you are spot on when it comes to service. Thanks again for all your help and best of wishes to the success of the company. I am a retired officer who would not hesitate to work for your company. You havent let me down yet and I dont expect you will. I trust your products and your commitment. Xikar for LIFE

Thomas G.
Reading, MA

I want to thank everyone at Xikar for the donation made to our cigar smoking group here in Afghanistan. When I saw the box I was a little shocked to see it. When I opened it I was amazed by the amount and variety of cutters lighters and accessories your company graciously included. The items were passed out at our most recent cigar night. Your company helped us have a Christmas in July as everyones face lit up to dig into the box to grab a donated item.Thank you very much for your donation and support. I will always recommend your company to others. You just earned a few lifetime customers.Big thanks from Afghanistan.

Steve F.

I just purchased a Xi cutter & an Element lighter and I have to mention how happy and excited I am with the quality of both products. I know that you have to spend a few more bucks for the best that life has to offer and I am so glad that I ran across this high quality company.

Jim M.
Saranac, NY

My family 28 of us and I all take an annual vacation for our 4th of July Family Reunion at a great resort in Ohio. My Father Brother-in laws and I all appreciate good cigars and have the opportunity to share many during our golfing bocce playing and time hanging out by the pool. By day two of the vacation my Xikar lighter was the only one that was still going strong and working like a charm.I decided to go for a soak in the hot tub after a hard day on the course and then planned to jump in the pool with the kids after a relaxing few minutes. I spent 15 minutes in the hot tub then jumped in the pool. After about 5 minutes in the pool my heart completely sank when I bumped my Xikar lighter that had been in my bathing suit back pocket the whole time. As I pulled my completely soaked lighter from my pocket my Bro in-law began to comment that I might as well throw that lighter out until I clicked it and it lit right up on THE VERY FIRST CLICK. We were both completely shocked. Not only did it continue to work that evening it never missed a light for the rest of the reunion. Amazing ProductI think my Bro in-laws immediate comment when I pulled my Xikar from the pool and it lit on the first click sums up everything he said…Im getting one of those as soon as I get home.

Rich H.
Pittsburgh, PA

I would like to say that I am very happy with my Xikar products and Xikar as a company. I own 2 Xikar lighters and 1 cutter. The products are all very high quality and any time I have an issue with one you honor that lifetime warranty with no questions asked. It is rare to find a company nowadays that not only produce high quality great products but also value their customers. I appreciate Xikar and your products.

Derek B.
Troy, IL

A couple weeks ago I sent you a lighter for repair.. Yesterday I received a package from you containing a brand new Executive II lighter as a replacement for my old one. I want to take a second to thank you very much. In todays world warranties just are not what they used to be however yours is truly amazing. I have always had a lot of accessories however as an example of a lousy company Im stuck with a slew of old ——- lighters that no longer work. Maybe I will glue them together and make a boat anchor out of them.By taking care of me like you have I am a customer of yours for life Thanks again

Chuck S.
Mesa, AZ

I would like so very much to thank you for my recent warranty submission. Both my boyfriend and I own multiple Xikar lighters and we absolutely adore them When both of our Pipeline lighters began to wear after over 2 years of constant use I read on your website that Xikar has a lifetime warranty. And unlike I can not even use the word competitors because theres not a one company out there that can compete with Xikar Xikar stands behind their Lifetime Warranty I received my lighters this morning and am delighted to find complete replacements : : Your company went the extra mile for me and has even honored the request Id notated on my warranty form unbelievable and so appreciated I knew your products were awesome when I had purchased my first lighter which was stolen and just had to have another. Your lighters offer great functionality and are crafted with a lasting beauty. My Pipelines blue enamel had never chipped or worn off after years of carrying in my purse and pocket. I have recommended Xikar since 2010 as the only lighter worth buying/owning and will continue to recommend and gift your products.

Angela B.
Las Vegas, NM

I recently sent to you a lighter I purchased 4 or 5 years ago. It was not working properly. You promptly replaced it no questions asked. I will be a loyal customer for life. And I will recommend you strongly to my cigar smoking friends.

Tim W.
Woodbury, MN

The attention to the detail of your product and the lifetime warranty all lead me to pass up three of your competitors and buy from you. As a sales and marketing guy I really appreciate your company and products. Keep it up.

Barry B.
Summerfield, NC

You guys rock This is just a short note to tell you what a pleasure it is to be a customer. Not only are your products great and your HC a truely fine smoke but your commitment to customer service is unparralled in todays world. You keep up the good work and I will continue to purchase your products.In fact I just ordered a Zebra wood Xi. Ill also continue to sing your praises to all my associates.

Todd E.
Salt Lake City, UT

I got the goods I ordered last week and I am SO satisfied with ALL of them. This is something I will recommend to people to buy. And hopefully I will do another purchase this year

Ivar H.

I just wanted to give my thanks for providing what has been simply the best quality products for enjoying cigars. I find myself drawn towards smoking more cigars than I have in the past simply to have an excuse to use the various cutters and lighters that I have procured. I have turned several friends on to your products and already have gifts planned for purchase down the road. You have definitely earned my loyalty as a customer and I look forward to seeing the products that you come out with in the coming years.

Jon O.
Evans City, PA

Recently I sent a lighter in that was malfunctioning. That was it– just the lighter and my return address. It was immediately returned better than the original. I want to thank you for your fine customer service I have a XIKAR MTX Multi-Tool as well I am very pleased with it and the lighter. I will be extolling your virtues to others and remaining a loyal customer. Thanks again

Andy M.
Lawrence, KS

WOW. The Habano Toro. The best cigar I have ever had. I enjoyed every minute of smoking this cigar. I had to let it go out and when I relit it two hours later it was as great as before. The flavor was perfect. The people around me continued to comment on how good the cigar smoke smelled. This is the perfect cigar for me and will now be my go to cigar. I felt like I was on vacation.

David B.
Orlando, FL

The HC cigar was amazing one of if not the best cigars I have had recently. Every third was amazing and my wife really enjoyed it as well. I am a big fan of the box press as well so I enjoyed that aspect of it also. Once again XIKAR has outdone itself but thats what I have come to expect from XIKAR excellence in products and customer service.

Bryce W.
Port Richey, FL

Just a quick thank you. Recently sent a lighter back to you for repair for a failed thumb switch. You notably sent me a new replacement. I am delighted even more so with the overall performance of the new one. I will go to the grave with my Xikar and will continue to recommend to all I have the pleasure of smoking a fine cigar with. Thank you for creating a beautiful lighter and backing your product. RespectfullyDave

David O.

I have two XIKAR pipe lighters one was a gift and I love them both. When recently I needed repair on one of them I really didnt expect much from the lifetime warranty but was more than pleasantly surprised when a new lighter appeared in the mail….just as advertised. What a class company that actually stands behind their quality two year old product. Because of your customer service Im getting three more lighters as gifts for friends and proud to do it because of the company that stands behind them. Im even getting another one for myself because I love the beautiful design. It has been said that its not the first sale thats important its the service that brings the customer back and XIKAR certainly proves that to be true. Thanks from a VERY satisfied and lifetime customer.

Tom L.
Hudson, WI

I have never known a company to be so proud of its products as to provide an unconditional warranty like the one XIKAR offers. I now own several XIKAR products and every one of them is so beautifully designed. They work every time and i have to say that the Trezo is probally the single fastest and most efficient way to light a cigar. XIKAR is truly the best thing to happen to cigars since fire and I plan to use buy and admire their products for life.Thank you.

Keanan O.
Amarillo, TX

I sent in my broken cigar lighter a week and a half ago and you guys already sent me a new one no questions asked. Very fast turn around That is great customer service and I will continue to purchase your products and will tell my cigar buddies about you fantastic equipment as well.Thank you for standing behind you quality products.

Leo C.
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

A note to inform you I have sent my 2 year old Axia lighter to you for repairs – Two weeks after I initially bought it the igniter failed and I have to say i was a bit ticked off thinking I been duped – You happily replaced it and it has been the best lighter I have ever owned – So good that I bought another one from your site before sending the old one back for repairs – You just cant light anything in a moving golf cart with a Bic – I guess what Im saying is you make a great product with a better warranty – Nice work- Thanks

Brian D.
Ontario, Canada

I sent two lighters to you for repair less than a week ago and today I received brand new replacements from Xikar. The lighters I sent to you had very heavy usage and although I did not abuse them I didnt pamper them either. You folks exceed my expectations and many others feel the same way. Here is a post I created less than an hour ago on my favorite internet cigar forum.http://www.botl.org/community/forums/showthread.php?p=1085111#post1085111Thank you very much for the new lighters. You people are class all the way.

Dave Dickey
San Diego

I sent you a Plunge lighter I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago a few weeks ago that would not light. Yesterday I received a package from you which I thought contained my repaired lighter. Much to my surprise it contained a brand new lighter of the same kind. Thank you. The Plunge is a great lighter and I was pleased to receive another. Lots of companies talk about warranties replacements etc. but you guys deliver on what you promise. You put the other guys to shame. My tobacconist recommended the Xikar lighter and he was right. Im an avid cigar smoker and from now all all my cigar accessories are going to carry the Xikar name. You have a customer for life. Keep up the good work. Again thanks.

Stuart F.
Roanoke, VA

I just got a lighter returned after I sent one in for warranty work and I am very pleased by the quick painless turn around.All too often warranties arent worth the effort but Xikar has proven to be honorable and I am pleased to tell my friends how wonderful your products are and how well you treat your customers

Curtis W. Rendon
Kyle, TX

I just purchased the Xi3 cutter and must say Im impressed. I really love the design and solid feel. Thank you for yet another outstanding tool. I find what sets Xikar so far apart from the other brands of accessories to be the smooth action and hefty solid construction. Every lighter I picked up just felt right. The cutters all so precise. They all clicked opened sliced lit and burnt beautifully. And I admired this even in the styles I did not like. To top it all off they are great conversation pieces and you never hesitate to let a friend use your lighter fearing that it may be embarrassing when it fails to get the job done.

Brian U.
Pittsburgh, PA

Just wanted to let you guys know that your products are by far the best never once had a problem with anything made by you. Keep up the good work Im looking forward to many more top line products. I am 26 so Ill be a customer of XIKAR as long as the products continue to be the way they are now. Thank you for making my cigar time even more pleasant then it use to be.

Vinnie R.
Hanover, NJ

I bought a Xikar XI1 about a year ago and since then I havent been using any other means to cut my cigars. I fell in love with your product instantly and I am very impressed with the consistency of each cut and the fine precision in the mechanics of the cutter.You have made an excellent product that takes my cigar-enjoyment to a complete other level.

Tuomas Y.

I just wanted to say Thank You for making fantastic products. As a sergeant for the New Orlean Police Department I can be a bit tough on things. But after having just one 1 of your products I knew it wasnt enough.As an avid cigar smoker and lighter collector I use your products on a daily basis – including your Purofine and propylene glycol solution. The quality of ALL of your products speaks for itself and I laud their praises to anyone who asks.The nine 9 millimeter punch built into your lighters is always sharp cuts perfect and provides a smooth draw. Your ash can is more that ample to handle the ash from seven 7 inch cigars and has stored a few shorts that I couldnt quite finish. The travel humidor has been in and out of patrol cars private cars my home and my office. Its been wet hit the deck fallen off of tables and desks – all without damage to it or its contents.

Sergeant Stuart S.
New Orleans, LA

Thanks for the catalog you recently sent that I requested. Just picked up an Element Lighter and V-Cutter. Couldnt be more pleased with your products. Im a Police Sergeant and this New Years Eve Im working the midnight shift…. To ring in the New Year I picked up some cigars for my shift and we will be putting your the lighter and cutter to good use.Next on the list is an Envoy case and some HC Cigars.Thanks again for making a quality product and backing it up

Chris H.
Lockport, IL

I discovered that my local tobacco store started carrying XIKAR PUROFINE since I had last asked. What a difference. Not only is my XIKAR lighter working perfectly but a heavily used and abused old lighter I had given up on has returned to life with Purofine Premium Butane.PUROFINE Butane ought to be carried in every drug store convenience store tobacco store and grocery store. It really makes that much difference and the public at large ought to be educated in the difference XIKAR PUROFINE means in performance.Thank you and keep up the good work.

Karl F.
Guilderland, NY

Thank you for developing products that can withstand the hardships ofsand dust mud and grit associated with the environments ofAfghanistan. My XI cutter that Ive had for almost two years and myrecently purchased Gun Metal Punch are products that continue to besharp rust and corrosion free. I will continue to boast to my friendsand use your products for all my cigar needs.

Joseph B.
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

In a day when customer service is lacking I could not be more pleased with Xikar and your customer service.Xikar is definitely on my strongly recommend list.

Jack S.
Westerville, OH

I was just watching your YouTube feature on filling and bleeding a butane lighter and it made me think about a success story I have. I bought my father a XIKAR Element lighter from our local Cigars International Downtown Store in Bethlehem PA back in April 2011. He loves it and the reason I bought it was because of the quality and the guarantee as well as the aesthetics and functionality. This is our first experience with a Xikar and it has been amazing Equally amazing has been your Xikar lighter fluid which I purchased that same day for both he and I. Of course we have both used this in our lighters. My father had another butane lighter that had stopped lighting previously using other butane. I had read up on your product and figured to give a try filling his lighter with your high octane Xikar butane. Well it did the trick and now what we thought was a lost cause lighter Fathers Day gift from 5 years ago not Xikar has begun working again. Of course the Xikar lighter is our first go-to however it is nice to have a back-up lighter that still works when you need it. Thanks to your tips and superior butane we are able to enjoy this. Thank you.

Blake S.

I have to admit that when I first heard about the Xikar cutters I didnt believe they could be any better than the others on the market. I was so wrong.I recently was in Indianapolis and decided to stop at one of the local shops to purchase a few cigars. One to smoke there and a couple to share with my father for his 73rd birthday. It was only after I made my purchase that I saw it. It was an Xi3 Cocobolo cutter. I usually am not impressed with cigar cutter but this was more than a cutter this was a work of art. The shine of the stainless steel body the dark grain of the wood and the elegance of the design blew me away. I had to have it. I purchased this beauty and was immediately impressed with the weight and solid feel of this cutter. I then proceeded to cut my cigar. The cutter just felt so natural in my had and the cut was so clean and effortless that I wasnt even sure I had actual made it.I have to say that this is without a doubt the best cutter ever made. I will never buy anything but Xikar again It works so well that my father can make his own cuts even with his arthritis. He loved it so much that I had to buy a second one for him.Thank you for your obvious dedication to design and quality.Your loyal fan

Larry Byrd

If a pretentiously elegant S.T. Dupont lighter is outside of your budget but still on your wish list you may want to look at the FlintFire I Windowpane by XIKAR. Taking the styling ques directly Read more >>

Gilbert, AZ

This combo is really tough to beat. It has great style and great craftsmanship. The materials are high quality and have withstood 2 months of heavy use with almost no blemishes… The lighter is the best single flame lighter Ive ever used. Read more >>

Waldorf, MD

I would like to inform Xikar that the Travel Humidor is such a great product. In December of 2009 I took it to Palm Beach to the Four Seasons and then to Cozumel Mexico on the cruise ship. Its unbelievable how my sticks stayed so fresh. I have recommended this product to all at my local tobacco shop Tinder Box at Easton Columbus Ohio. Again thanks for picking me as the winner of your product at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas last year.

Brian E. Feuer
Gahanna, OH

I am always expanding my cigar lighter collection for some reason or another.Often time I justify the purchases to my boss spelled w-i-f-e by really breaking down the reason I need the lighter as opposed Read more >>

Gilbert, AZ

The XIKAR Xi3 cigar cutter is something that I had recently added to my collection after a short trip to Las Vegas. It was around 10am when I decided to leave the poker table the Read more >>

Gilbert, AZ

I just bought three new Xikar cutters: One for my motorcycle one for my golf bag and one for my briefcase. I have been a Xikar owner since 2000 and have never used another cutter. My original one has served me well all these years but was recently lost. You make a great product.

Tom Lindner
Coral Springs, FL

I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know just how much I love my Xikar cutter. I have an Xi2 that I purchased about six months ago. I have used many different cutters from many of the top companies in the world and never have I found a cutter that I believe comes close to the quality of Xikar. I am the yard foreman at a lumber yard and smoke cigars several times a day. I carry my cutter with me all day every day. Recently I dropped my cutter and it was run over by a forklift When I realized what had happened I just knew it was going to be broken. I picked it up and opened it a couple of times and then proceeded to cut my cigar flawlessly. I will never buy another cutter from another company. Xikar is the absolute best cutter in the world. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for such a great product


Bentonville, AR

At age 62 I have seen a lot of pocket knives come and go over the years. But now after all these years and all those knives I have found the perfect pocket knife

The Xikar 118SM is really nifty-small and lightweight so theres no heavy weight in my pocket easy to open and close and strikingly attractive with its Mother of Pearl scales. Over the past six months I cant tell you how many magazine and book boxes I have opened with it but the little blade remains just as sharp as the day I received it.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product

Chuck Wechsler
Publisher Editor of Sporting Classics

I recently purchased a Xi 188 Extreme and love the blade and handle design. Ive been in law enforcement for a little over 12 years now and have done just about every job in law enforcement from narcotics to SWAT to traffic enforcement to detective work and I have had several occasions to use knives in my line of work. Ive used everything from cold steel to bench-made and I thought I was a bench-made fan for life until I lost my bench-made while chasing a felon through the woods. Next day I was at my local knife retailer and saw your knife. I picked it up and was sold at that minute. I havent wanted anything else since. I think everyone should have the opportunity to know how good a product you have and its their own fault if they dont try it Thanks for such a great product

Christian R.
Jasper GA

In Australia knives are illegal to carry – except if you use it for your occupation. I am a computer consultant and people find it hard to believe that I would need a knife police in particular. I like wood finished knives and the Amboina doesnt look as threatening as some…LOL Either way it has saved my life and I carry it everywhere regardless of the law. So of course we had to ask why our 118SQ saved Mikeys life…. As for it saving my life… I was driving up the coast to a funeral of a family member when I fell asleep at the wheel. I drove through a guard rail at the aptly named Dead Mans Corner down a 35-foot embankment into an amusingly placed tree right in front of my car. When I woke up several hours later I found myself in said ditch with my seat belt on. I tried for about 15 minutes to get the belt off before I came to my senses and remebered my baby in my pocket. No one would have seen me down there until at least morning and probably not even then So I cut myself out and climbed up to the top of the embankment and flagged someone down. So you can see why I carry my knife with me everywhere Thanks for a great product


My son and I just purchased two of the new Tech cutters and registered for our free leather sheaths on the Xikar website. It is a nice offering and a good incentive to register. We have just recently discovered the Xikar line of products at a local retail store. As someone who knows I have been impressed with the craftsmanship quality and unique design of the products as well as the high level of product presentaion and packaging. I look forward to seeing an expansion of the product line and of more innovative designs. Thanks for providing great products AND customer service

Rob Q.
Liberty MO

Happy Thanksgiving Kurt and Co Well Its almost December and yet the weather has been so extraordinary in the Boston area these last few weeks that Ive been able to continue the constitutional evening cigar on the front porch a while longer. I dont remember exactly how long it has been since I purchased my Xikar cutter – at least a year anyway – but I wanted to let you know that it still brings me sublime satisfaction every time I use it. It still cuts as cleanly as ever and is an enjoyable part of the ritual of lighting up. As an objet dart it is an exceptional piece of work – I would nominate it for the Museum of Modern Art if I had a vote. The heart and feel of it the smooth mechanics – even the sound it makes – are the kind of characteristics which are typical of a fine thing like a classic pocket watch or folding knife whose qualities transcends even their usefulness. Thanks again for creating a true classic. Have a happy holiday.

Geoffrey P.

It is with heavy heart that I write you this mail.after having a Xikar and recommending them to all of my friends a few who purchased them after trying mine I pulled the biggest dummy move ever. On a trip to San Diego I took my cutter in its cool little sheath and my travel humidor to the golf course. Since I was without my clubs I rented a bag and your guessed it thats where I left my Xikar Only to figure that out after returning to Texas I would have preferred losing the cigars and NOT the cutter Oh well you make a great product and I love reading about all the good things people say about them on the cigar internet boards. I promise that when I get some disposable income I will purchase another To bad the warranty doesnt cover bonehead maneuvers Good luck and continued success

Juan H.
Odessa, TX

I ordered a Xi 118 knife four months ago from a knife dealer and was immediately impressed with its quality. Months later I was in a smokeshop and saw your cutters. I couldnt decide between the MTX and the silver Xi for my father so I got them both and would let him choose one for Christmas. Two weeks before Christmas I couldnt wait any longer and let him pick he was about to use a throw away cutter. We swap every so often as neither of us can stand to have just one Today I ordered a Xi188. Thanx

ET Bradley

My 188BGTC arrived today Wow This knife is amazing The quality the edge the whole knife is incredibly impressive I have bought knives that cost twice as much as my Xikar but didnt even come close to the quality You have a customer for life This is going to be my permanent carry knife; at work at leisure. I am in the security business by the way I am so impressed by this knife I can not say enough about it After carrying the knife on my shift last night I gotta say that you have perfected the tactical pocket clip The clip was absolutely secure on my uniform pants Not once did it come loose. At times I have some vigorous activites on my shift. Not only was it secure but I feel that the clip is absolutely perfect in its position on the knife. I believe you have created the perfect tactical folder I sure hope you guys continue to make knives. There are companies out there that could take some lessons from you. Thank you thank you thank you Keep up the GREAT work

Suzanne V.
S. Dennis, MA

Hi I just bought my 4th Xikar today I kept 2 gold & silver and gave one to my friends. My Xikar cutters are the only cigar cutters Ive ever purchased. I doubt if I buy anything else in the future thats why today I bought a gold one because I have been so impressed with my first one silver. I always look forward to my next Xikar cut. It is the best cutter in the market today. Ive tried my friends Zino but theres no cutting action like a Xikar. Thank you for such a quality product. Ive use a needle syringe and breakfree oil in the inside mechanism of my Xikar. Let me tell you it is so smooth on the cutting and release. Of course excess oil have been wiped with a Q-tip it does not take that much to lube it. And when the new models come out Ill have them two or three. BTW your knives looks good too if they cut anywhere near or equal to your cigar cutters Ill have them too. One very satisfied customer : Thank you and best regards

Rene A.
Carson, CA

Dear Xikar: I would just like to say thank you for your support on such a great product. I have never seen this much devotion. I am so glad that I purchased this cutter. You have been very polite to all my questions and show great interest in your product and making your customers happy. I was very surprised to find your response on the Cigar Family discussion groups. This just goes to show once again your devotion. I was going to purchase another brands cigar cutter. Boy was I glad I didnt. You have won this customer hands down. I will definitely buy another Xikar cutter. I understand that you possibly have thousands of e-mails to sort though but your prompt reply to my past e-mails is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your support and for bringing a great company to all cigar aficionados.

Kenneth L.
San Antonio, TX

In this world of 2004 where a customer is only important until the sale is made. Where problems with a products performance is ignored despite numerous pleas via emails and unreturned calls to customer service there is an oasis and its name is XIKAR.

Xikar is a company profoundly concerned with its customers satisfaction with its products as evidenced by their lifetime guarantee on its innovative cigar cutters. If a cutter fails to perform to a customers liking they are urged to return it to the company and have it replaced or refurbished to its original quality. When was the last time you heard of a company policy like that?

I have many Xikar products and have always recommended them to friends who are looking for an attractive unique and quality product destined to bring many years of peak performance and satisfaction.

Thats why I close my emails with a picture of a Xikar with the phrase my friends are a cut above the rest and so is my cigar cutter

It is quite satisfying writing accolades about a company who so richly deserves to be at the top of the market. It is my fondest wish that goal is met and that we can all enjoy that success together.

Mark W.
Brooklyn NY

I got in a motorcycle accident this past Saturday. The only thing that saved my right testicle from damage was your cutter.

Thank you.

I am submitting sad cutter for your perusal and repair. I know its not pretty- but can you fix it?

Name withheld

I have enjoyed ownership and use of a high quality XIKAR cutter for some time now. As a member for over 6 years in our local cigar club Club Amante at the Tinder Box in Mesa AZ I have always been the go to guy to cut everones cigars when they need cutter. Everyone knows that I always carry my XIKAR. We recently visited Casino Arizona for a club outing for dinner and to enjoy a fine cigar on the smoking patio when my XIKAR became displaced/lost. I have been totally out of balance since and have felt undressed as I have carried it daily since new. My fellow club members have now been forced to buy their own cutters and even cut my cigars for me now. I have certainly helped boost your sales here. In fact because I have felt out of sorts and undressed without my XIKAR buddy in my pocket I just purchased two to replace the lost one so that I will never be without myXIKAR cutter again. It is a tremendous quality product for a true cigar lover since 1965. One of the best products of its kind I have ever utilized. Thanks for creating such a good quality product and for allowing me to relate this story to you. Keep the great quality and product variety coming. An appreciative and devoted fan.

PS – And oh by the way after numerous attempts to retrieve my cutter from the lost and found guess who just called today to give me great welcomed news that my little friend had actually been in the lost and found and simply overlooked. Yes thats right now I have three of your XIKARs and am proud of it. Just wanted to share this with you

Bill H

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take my son to wonderful Barstow California where the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe rail hub is. Hes 7 and enjoys trains immensely. So every summer we go there spend the night in a cheap hotel next to a run-down Pizza Hut and we spend 2 days gawking at trains talking with engineers checking out the shop areas up into the control tower and basically try to get away with whatever we can. Heading home just 10 or so miles out of Barstow we pulled off the highway where I saw a dirt road leading off towards the open plains. We opened some sodas and plunked around with his BB gun for a while and decided to head back to the highway. Well once I got off the dirt path to turn around I quickly sank my truck into the finest sand on this side of the planet. Loose volcanic ash. It was too far to walk to find a phone or someone to hail me a tow truck and no one on the side of the highway would even stop when we tried to wave them down. Back to the truck we hiked and proceeded to try to dig the truck out. I dug and dug…. and dug to no avail. I jacked up the rear put work boots underneath the tires chains my cooler lid clothes anything that might give us traction. Nothing worked. The only thing I had left was my thick rubber bed liner. So I yanked the big liner out and tried to rip it in half a la Charles Atlas. After I talked my son down from his laughing fit I had to figure out a way to cut the liner lengthwise in half a half for each rear wheel to hopefully get traction on and get us back to the hard packed trail. With light fading hunger becoming an issue and coldness setting in I was becoming a little worried. Not being wise enough to have a knife of some sort in my truck or toolbox was leaving me with no options. I grabbed a Maria Mancini clipped the end off with my Xikar and a little tiny bulb went off over my head. I thought long and hard about what I knew I had to do but looking at my brave little trooper trying to mask his fear it soon became a foregone conclusion. I used a hammer to beat the Xikar into submission and soon had two blades from which to work with. Well that 1/2 thick rubber mat was no task for the Xikar. I thought I would be struggling through both blades to get the mat in half but one blade slit through it like butter. I put the mats under the tires and was able to back up the six feet or so to the hard pack and got us home safely. I dont know who was more relieved my son or myself but neither of us acted conceded to our fears. Another testament to the durability and practicality to the Xikar cutter.

A couple of days ago I received a magnificent Michael Dixon humidor to store my very fine collection of cigars. Ive used many cutters in the past including the one supplied by Dixon himself but needed a new cutter worthy of my Dixon Lacewood Humidor. As I stood and schmoozed with my many buddies in Barclay Rex in NYC at the GCT location they proceeded to show me their best cutters of course the Xikar units. After looking at the Xi3 with the redwood handles I was instantly in love with it and purchased it immediately. In general I smoke fine cigars with large ring guages and the Xikars are the only cutters on the market capable of doing the job with surgical precision. I am so impressed with my Xi3 that Ive shown it to at least ten associates today many of whom will be buying their own within the next week. A gorgeous humidor protects my great investment in very fine cigars but the cutter is equally as important in ensuring that the cigars are cut in the proper way thus ensuring the full flavored experience I long for.

By the way I just came out of the hospital after a 15 month straight stay through which I was not expected to survive. Smoking a fine cigar allows me to reflect on the two most important things in life… health and family. Without both of these we have nothing. My purchase of your Xi3 cutter has further added to the enjoyment of my cigar smoking experience and as such has made my life and the lives of my family members significantly more fulfilling. I look forward to receiving the sheath for the cutter and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the foresight and great investment in time energy and ingenuity in bringing such a wonderful product to the marketplace.

All the best

Al S
Yonkers, NY

Im a dedicated Xikar customer because of your fantastic products.I have purchased four Xikar cutters; two Xi2s one MTX and one Xi1. I purchased my first Xikar cutter one of the Xi2s several months ago. I was so happy with the performance of the Xi2 I decided to order another one to keep in the car and an MTX for my keyring. About a week after that I decided to treat myself to an Xi1 as well. You can consider me a lifelong XIKAR customer. I even recommend them to my fellow cigar smokers every chance I get

Sergio D.
Lansing MI

I got the Xi 138 Excel as a dress knife for a wedding since my benchmade was too big and I was very happy to see the great quality. I love your knives and have my xi138 with me everyday and – it replaced my benchmade

Name withheld

You guys are great… You really delivered above and beyond what was required.Im in sales myself and am constantly preaching to the team to do whats right for the customer and everything else will flow from that premise: our growth our revenue our profitability. One reason is because nottoo many companies operate that way and so when a client finds one that does they stick with them.Like me with Xikar Ive already told the story to at least 13 people…and will forever look to Xikar for what I need for products you offer.Thanks Again

Brian O.
Chelmsford MA


Tim S.
Montgomery AL

People applauding your customer service were not lying. Thanks a million for your help and quick response. I am looking forward to the sheath. You can be sure that I will buy your products again… Hell Im telling all my friendsto

Martin N.

This is by far the BEST CUTTER I have ever used Not only does it look great it also functions flawlesslyIve had this cutter for 5 days now and have already bought another one 1 for car 1 for officeThanks

Spokane Valley WA

Ive had my MTX Cigar Cutter Multi-Tool for a while now and have nothing but good things to say about it. I have used every tool it has. The scissors seem to be perpetually sharp It has been an invaluable tool for me as a cigar smoker. Thank you for a wonderful product

Jackson NJ

I love my Xi1 cigar cutter It is passed around my fellow smokers whenever I use it. I always tell my friends that you guarantee your products for life and will continue to promote your fine examples of quality workmanship.Thanks again

Snellville GA

Xikar folks – your products are outstanding and well deserving of the highest reviews and claims I purchased a Xi2 cutter before deploying to Iraq last year. The cutter performed flawlessly kept its edge and saw extensive travel and combat Thanks

Cpt. Bob Baumeister
Fort Lewis, WA

This Xikar cutter has been the best I appreciate your products so much & your customer service is the best on any product I have ever used.

Richard B.
Cumming GA

I appreciate your excellent customer service. I have recommended and will continue to recommend your products to my cigar smoking friends. Im glad to promote companies with excellent products and services. Keep up the good work

Chuck S.
Dublin OH

I just registered my 4 xikar cutters to get my free leather sheaths. I have 4 Xi2 model cutters and love them all. I wouldnt be without one; so I keep one in the car one at the desk one at the reading chair and one in the cigar humidor. Thanks for a great product

Joe R
Dallas, TX

I am pretty mouthy when it comes to customer service. When it is good people hear about it and when it is bad more people hear about it. You can bet I will tell my cigar smoking friends about your awesome cutter and your more wonderful stand-behind your product guarantee.

Chris C.
LaPlata MD

Wow – Im impressed with your followup. Great product made better by greatservice.Thanks

Steve A.
Tampa FL

Thank you for your timely response to my E-mail. The Xi 188 BGTC I boughtfrom Xikar is what got me HOOKED on your knives. You have a life long Xikarbuyer in me. You guys make amazing knives. The pocket clip on the 188 BGTCis THE PERFECT clip for a tactical knife; it holds on the pants well. The780 is an incredible knife as the size is perfect and the blade shape isfantastic. Anyway… THANK YOU so much for your time. You guys have the bestcustomer service You really DO care about your customers and THAT isanother reason for MY loyalty to Xikar Have a great daySincerely

Suzanne V.
S. Dennis, MA

I am very impressed with the customer service that I received from your company. Not only will I be a future customer of other Xikar products I will advertise your products to my other cigar smoking friends.

Nick S.
Finlay OH

I just wanted to sent this e-mail to congratulating you on creating a great cutter. Ive had my Xikar for well over a year at it still is as sharp as the day I got it. It has provided hundreds of precision cuts on many fine cigars. It is a cutter well worth its weight in gold

Troy M.

I have been keeping my Xikar cutter at home and using a cheaper one when I travel. The Xikar is so much better though I think Ill break down and purchase another one. Best of luck to you.

Charles R.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a superior product. Your cutter makes me want to smoke more cigars than I already do just so I can put the blade into action. It is a joy to so cleanly clip my cigar. The Xikar cutter is the best purchase I have made in years. I also want to thank you for the free sheath; it too is a beautiful product. I am now a believer in Xikar and I will keep an eye out for your other products.

Mark K.
College Station, Texas

It is encouraging in this day and age to find a company that will stand behind its products and in fact so much so that it will guarantee its product for life. It is unusual for corporations to honor their commitments and then as a surprise addition warranty their product for life. I can only express my joy at having come into the Xikar cutter and will definitely enjoy it for as long as I own it.

Lyon G.
Plantation FL

To say that I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement of Double Corona proportions. If there exist a more superior cigar cutter on the market I would like to see it Furthermore I am happy to say the quality of your product is only surpassed by the genuineness of your lifetime blade sharpening warranty.

Adam H.

I have been more impressed with Kurt and his company than that of any company I have had to deal with lately. If there is one thing that Kurt knows it is customer service. It is rare these days and refreshing to see. I have used many cutters and even like several models Prometheus and Zino to name a couple but when you get down to brass tacks they dont stack up. All things considered price quality quality of cut warranty and most importantly CUSTOMER SERVICE Xikar wins every time. It is nice to see that others have experienced the same results.

Chris E.
Cigar and Wine Review Magazine

Outstanding Thanks The Xikar is definitely a cut above any other cigar clipper on the market todayThanks again.

John B.

This is the best cutter I have ever used… It is consistant comfortable and easy to carry. I have cut well over 200 cigars with the Xikar and it still cuts perfectly. I would challenge any other cutter to perform this well… and I should know I have had a few of the over priced Brand Name cutters… they are all in a drawer dull and collecting dust. Thanks for a great product.

John F.

Your customer service and superior products separate you from all the rest. All my friends either have or will be getting a Xikar.

Randall G.

Hello Just wanted to drop you a note complimenting your knives. Ive been a knife collector for over 20 year as such Ive owned many fine custom and production knives. I must compliment you on the fit finish and overall quality and design of the 188 Extreme. Its already earned a place in my every day carry rotation and has bumped some other premium knives out. Good work Thanks


A good friend came in to the local cigar club and showed off the new cutter he got as a gift on a recent trip. It was a Xikar. I had to have one. I logged on to your site and found a local dealer Vendome in Toluca Lake CA. After a call that let me know that they had some in stock I was in the car and in less time than it takes to smoke a robusto I was the owner of my own Xikar. I love it I have other cutters that cost as much or more Big name cutters with big stores as well and they cant come close to Xikar. You did it right


I received my Xikar cutter today and I simply love it This is a great product and I will spread the word about it.

Gustavo P.
Puerto Rico

Unbelievably unique cutter — over 600 cuts so far. People absolutely love it

Steve S.

Recieved the Xikar cutter this morning It looks great Thanks. So I christen it with a Le Hoyo de Monterrey – Epicure No.2 Robusto after lunch… Its a very well design and built cutter with a very clean & crisp cut. Very easy to use and hold. Ill enjoy it every time I have a cigar.Cheers

Halifax N.S.

By the way this critter is by far the easiest cutter I have ever handled.

Gary R.

I received my cigar cutter a week or so ago and it is FANTASTIC I have shown everyone that I can my pride and joy and I hope that you get a few more sales. I am very proud of my cutter and I thank you for the very prompt service.

Royce L.

I wanted to drop you a note to inform you that I received my cutter this early afternoon. It functions just beautifully Thank you for your service and consideration.

Dr. Robert

Being a custom knife collector I insist on superior fit finish function and form. The XIKAR meets all of my criteria; its not only an exceptional tool its also a stylish and unique cutter. The ergonomic form enhances its function and the fit & finish are smooth clean and precise. Thanks I hope youve sent one of these to Cigar Aficionado to include in their next review of cigar cutters if not do so it blows them all away.

Jim F.

Just wanted you to know that I think this is the BEST cutter Ive seen in the 15 years Ive been a cigar enthusiast. I have recommended your product to several cigar dealer friends in the Chicago area. Ill probably end up being your best sales rep Thanks for making a great product

Rick S.

I enjoy using the cutter so much my beloved Havanas are down to just stubs aint even lit them and are now too short to light. You should offer Cigar Insurance against this

Ken E.
New York City

Thanks for making such a GREAT productIts the only thing I use to cut my cigarsI went on a trip in August and didnt want to take a chance on having it seized by airline security.I picked up a cheap cutter once I reached my destination.The difference in the cut was incredible.I couldnt wait to get home againWith a nice clean cut and not having to worry about little stray bits of tobacco and no chance of crushing the cigar the Xikar cutter is a great start to the smoking experience….Not to mention it makes a great conversation starter Thanks again

Aric B.
Durham, NC

I want to tell you that I really like your cutters. I used one of the Xi2s in Iraq for the last year and it held up great. It went on almost every mission with me and always worked when I had time and wanted a cigar. Thank you for a great product.

1LT John A. G.

I highly commend your company for your attention to the customer — its almost too good to be true but it is I just wanted to let you know that I noticed your great customer service and to me that is the next most important thing to the sale. XIKAR products are high on my recommendation list…. Thanks again. Sincerely

Joe I.
Newcastle, CA

The knife is AWESOME Ive been carrying / using it daily since it arrived. Its extreme well made and functional. Thank you again

Chief Leonard B., PHD
New Richmond, WI

I did a lot of research to purchase my new knife. Not only did your model XI-188SASC have superior materials and styling but also had a reasonable price. When I received it I was flabbergasted at the quality and great looks. Keep making products like this and you will have a customer for life

Rick H.
Dripping Springs, TX

Lifes Small Pleasures I recently purchased an Xi3 Redwood and I am extraordinarily pleased with my new cutter. It is truly one of lifes small pleasures… owning one of the finest cutters produced in the world. As a Special Forces soldier in the U.S. Army you can imagine that I appreciate fine craftsmanship and fine cutlery. Your product brings a simple joy each and every time I cut and smoke a fine cigar. Sincerely Yours

Robert R

Just received my new Xikar Elan 118 gentlemans pocket knife. It is extremely well conceived and designed. It definitely stands out from anything else I have ever carried.Im looking forward to years of use from it. I better be careful where I set it down as its sure to attract a lot of attentionI just went online and ordered my free leather sheath. Looking forward to receiving it.Keep up the excellent work with your design and craftsmanshipSincerely

LM Rodriguez
New York City

Sirs I received one of your cutters for Christmas and after using it for 3 days I can honestly say it is the finest cutter I have ever used and Ive had atleast a hundred of them over the years. Not only does it do an excellent cutting job it is a pleasure to use. Thank you for such a fine product.

Ron C.

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for one of your representatives Bill and the way your company treats its customers. I called today to ask about purchasing a replacement pouch for the Xi I purchased around three years ago. The velcro tab has worn off due to normal wear and tear from three years of use. Bill offered to send a replacement pouch free of charge. You really now how to impress your customers. I constantly read about the rave reviews concerning your products and customer service on Cigar Weekly Herfers Paradise and Cigar Family web BBs. Now I will be another one of those people. Thanks

Mark T

I have carried this knife Xi-188 Extreme for a few weeks and it is amazingly light and slim I really dont notice it. This is unusual for such a big knife.

Dave Boeckel, GM
Chesapeake Knife Toolbr

Great job on a wonderful product My Xi Cutter is by far the most attractive and functional cigar cutter Ive ever seen I was so impressed that I simply had to take a moment to send my comments to you. Thank you for having designed and produced such a magnificent tool I plan on having this wonderful cutter with me every moment I have a cigar around and am excited to be able to purchase one of your knives in the near future. If your cutlery is anywhere near as impressive in quality and appearance then Im sure to be as happy with it. Thanks again for a wonderful product. Sincerely

Randy T

Good morning I got the 138 Excel knife this weekend and its a real beauty I was actually quite surprised The knife is better than I thought and the size is perfect for carrying. Its probably the lightest knife I own and maybe the sharpest as well. This may well replace my Spyderco Police Culprit as my everyday carry knife. Thanks again I can assure you this well-made knife will not be wasted on me. Ill spread the word Keep up the good work and Ill talk to you soon Best Regards

Shawn C. police officer
Clearwater, FL

Xikar cutters are the very best….we all know that. What really stands out is their customer service It is so refreshing to deal with a company that not only stands behind their product but also goes above and beyond the call of duty to make the customer happy.No matter how small Xikar comes through Thank you


Ive been a dedicated Xikar user for the past several years. I smoke about a thousand cigars a year and my cutter is often used by others. Eventually it became a little less than scalpel sharp. I sent it in for a sharpening and was very pleased with the quick turnaround. This is not the first time that your company has presented excellent service. Further your personnel are polite and helpful on the phone internet and by mail.Looking forward to my next 50000 cuts.


Hi I would like to be the proud owner of the Xi3. I could get an Xi but I just cant help looking at that Xi3. I almost wished you didnt make it so I wouldnt have this dilemma


I would like express my appreciation at the great customer service I have received dealing with your company. In this day and age of what passes as customer service for most companies you folks have raised the bar and are to be congratulated on your approach to customer satisfaction. I am a member of a cigar board and have known about your product for some time several of the posters have raved what a great company you are to do business with. I echo their sentiments and hope to purchase another cutter in the near future. Thank you for great cutters. I use mine regularly and of all the cigar accessories that I own it is my favorite You have gained a customer for life Sincerely

Tom L.

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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