Need a cigar clip? Get-A-Grip! The patented design of the Get-A-Grip keeps your cigar horizontal at all times; ensuring a smooth, even burn.

• Patented Design

• Free standing

• Attaches to just about any surface: golf carts, boats, motorcycles, BBQ grills, lawn furniture, carts, etc.

• Separate spring tensions hold securely; won’t crush cigar

• Rubber coated grip holds tight and will not scratch surface.

Now Available also:

Get A Grip (Composite Clip)

Our new cigar clip is easily to use and light enough to not damage or dent your cigars. Firm but steady as all great cigar clips must be! A great choice for any out door or indoor aficionado.

  • Holds Up to a 60 Ring Cigar
  • Flexible and Adjustable
  • Rubber Grips on Inside of the Clip.