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XIKAR is dedicated to providing value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. XIKAR will provide these products through honest and ergonomic design to achieve superior form, feel and function. XIKAR stands behind its products through a limited lifetime warranty. XIKAR FOR LIFE!

The most durable travel humidors on the planet! These crush proof, waterproof portable humidors keep your cigars fresh and safe. 

This must-have 6-in-1 functional golf accessory can be used as a golf ball marker, divot tool, cigar holder, club head cleaner, golf grip saver, and can opener.

Need a cigar clip? Get-A-Grip! The patented design of the Get-A-Grip keeps your cigar horizontal at all times; ensuring a smooth, even burn. Keep your cigar clean, dry, and off surfaces. 

The premiere choice for discerning cigar enthusiasts seeking high-quality humidors with a unique design. Every humidor includes premium-kiln-dried Spanish cedar, quadrant hinges, a hygrometer, and a humidifier.

Hydra electronic humidifiers keep your cigars at the perfect humidity level. Available in both a large and small size, Hydra ensures your cigars stay fresh.

Never worry if your digital hygrometer is accurate again. HygroSet is the world’s first adjustable digital hygrometer.

Each cutter is engineered to deliver only the finest cut for your very best cigars…. Engineered for today’s connoisseur, Palio’s superior design and construction make it the premiere choice in cigar smokers.

This magnificent cutter creates 6 tidy slits in the cap, while keeping it fully intact, but opening it enough for a perfect draw.

Revolutionary Stinky cigar ashtrays with a wind proof deep bowl design that keeps ashes and debris from making a mess.

The Best Is Yet to Come!

Quality Importers Trading Co., Inc. designs, imports, and wholesales cigar humidors, smoking accessories, and custom cigar box packaging products. We offer small travel size, medium desktop, large, and commercial display humidors; and retailer kits, cigar accessories, cigars, lighters, and jewelry boxes.




“Thanks for being one of the only true companies that stand behind their products no questions asked Myself as a consumer and avid believer of your product you did not let me down when I sent my failing product back for repair or replacement I have several very expensive lighters that havent worked for quite some time that their company is no help whatsoever I will ONLY buy XIKAR for all my cigar needs.”

Luke C., Littleton, Colorado

“Thank you so much for your absolutely AWESOME service. Today I received your parcel with the replacement lighter even the upgraded new model and my other lighter repaired also looking as new in the original boxing. I am absolutely speechless this is the best service I ever experienced and I will convince all my friends to never buy anything else then XIKAR when they need a lighter cutter or something else.”

Christoph M., Vienna, Austria

“I have owned XIKAR products for every bit of 14 years and after my first lighter was confiscated by a TSA agent I made sure I kept my lighter under my control. I have 3 XIKAR lighters and 2 cutters and never go anywhere without them.I also must say that I have sent them in for minor adjustments and have never had any kind of issues from XIKAR unlike all these other fly by nights that promise but never produce.Thanks for being the most reliable accessory company I know of.”

Angelo K., Brownsville, Texas

“I am a full time firefighter in Willard MO. Two years ago I was looking for a sturdy replacement to the 2 plastic cigar cutter I had so I bought a Xikar Xi1 cigar cutter and it worked like a dream every time. I am so pleased that carry it with me every where I go so every house fire car wreck medical call etc.. my cutter is in my pocket so that on a whim I can light up a cigar and enjoy. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and I would buy it again anytime.”

Austin B., Willard, MO

“I work for Club Humidor on San Pedro here in San Antonio and I’ve been a fan of your products for several years.  I always bring my clients to your display in our shop when they even mention they are in need of a cutter or lighter your warranty and customer service are a huge selling point and I’m happy to say I convert a large amount of clients to your products. I find that most people are willing to pay for high quality that’s why I always suggest your products.”

Don R., San Antonio, TX

“Just a note to thank you for the replacement of my cigar punch.I was only expecting the old one back repaired so was delighted and surprised to see a new one I’ll take just as much pleasure putting some wear and tear on the new one as I did the old. Just took hold of some nice torpedoes as well so Ill be treating myself to an XICAR cutter in the near future.Thanks for great service and true customer support. Appreciated in this day and age. You’ve definitely earned a loyal customer and an ambassador for XIKAR.”

Lain M., Charlotte, NC

“Thank you XikarFor upholding a true commitment to customer service. I received my Resource Lighter via the mail today having returned it on 5-29 for warranty repair. I dont know if its my lighter repaired or a new replacement. It looks so good it must be a replacement Thank you for the prompt service and demonstrating the actions that support your warranty and customer service policies. I wish more companies held these standards in such high regard.”

Gary C., Atlanta, GA

“I just wanted to thank you for quickly replacing my cigar lighter with an updated improved version. It was also replaced in less than two weeks. My wife laughed that you apologized for replacing with a newer model since my lighter could not be fixed. You obviously have a quality product though I will keep returning based primarily on your customer service and recommend you highly to all of my cigar smoking friends. Thanks again on being an A company.”

Scott H., Los Osos, CA

“I would like to inform Xikar that the Travel Humidor is such a great product. In December of 2009 I took it to Palm Beach to the Four Seasons and then to Cozumel Mexico on the cruise ship. Its unbelievable how my sticks stayed so fresh. I have recommended this product to all at my local tobacco shop Tinder Box at Easton Columbus Ohio. Again thanks for picking me as the winner of your product at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas last year.”

Brian E., Gahanna, OH


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